Decorative grilles are an openwork architectural art form consisting of design patterns made by cutting openings or holes into various material substrates.  Tableaux decorative grilles are cut from wood or metal substrates with material characteristics that complement any design style and design project theme. Every Tableaux decorative grille is custom-made and totally unique.  You can use one of their design patterns, send them your own, or Tableaux can create one for you based on your concept and ideas.  Each is produced individually by their skilled designers, fabricators, machine operators, craftsmen and artisans to match the style, size, density, finish and cost needs of the client.

  • One of a Kind Custom Decorative Grilles Made in USA
  • CNC, Waterjet, Laser and Plasma Cutting
  • Decorative Accents, Wall Art, Partition Screens, Room Dividers, Window Décor/Treatments, Artwork
  • Faux Iron, Veneer, Elements, Metal
  • Specialty Finishes
  • Interior or Exterior Use