TorZo Surfaces are completely unique and exceptionally durable architectural surfaces, sustainably sourced and manufactured from recycled or salvage agricultural, textile and forestry products.  Through TorZo’s proprietary process, they amplify the beauty of each organic substrate to create solid surface panels that are as easy to use and fabricate as wood and as solid and resilient as stone.  Synthesizing the natural with the contemporary, TorZo Surfaces offers an entirely new, elevated aesthetic that breathes richness and excitement into your designed environments.  Exceptionally resilient and versatile, TorZo offers you a world of unlimited possibilities to explore.

  • Natural Infused Surfaces and Furniture Made in Oregon
  • Mindful Material contributing to LEED Points
  • Architectural Surfaces, Interior Finishes and Pre-Finished Tabletops
  • Extremely Durable and Easy to Maintain
  • Perfect for Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Wall Panels and Flooring